[[t]kəmɑ͟ːnd, -mæ̱nd[/t]]
commands, commanding, commanded
1) VERB If someone in authority commands you to do something, they tell you that you must do it. [mainly WRITTEN]

[V n to-inf] He commanded his troops to attack...

[V with quote] `Get in your car and follow me,' he commanded...

[V that] He commanded that roads be built to link castles across the land...

[V n with quote] `Don't panic,' I commanded myself. [Also V n]

Command is also a noun.

The tanker failed to respond to a command to stop... I closed my eyes at his command. ...the note of command in his voice.

2) VERB: no cont If you command something such as respect or obedience, you obtain it because you are popular, famous, or important.

[V n] excellent physician who commanded the respect of all his colleagues...

[V n] There is no limit to what can be achieved here because of the fantastic support we command.

3) VERB If an army or country commands a place, they have total control over it.

[V n] The Royal Navy would command the seas...

[V n] Yemen commands the strait at the southern end of the Red Sea.

N-UNCOUNT: usu N of n
Command is also a noun.

...the struggle for command of the air.

4) VERB An officer who commands part of an army, navy, or air force is responsible for controlling and organizing it.

[V n] ...the French general who commands the UN troops in the region...

He didn't just command. He personally fought in several heavy battles.

Command is also a noun.

...a small garrison under the command of Major James Craig... In 1942 he took command of 108 Squadron.

5) N-COUNT-COLL: usu supp N In the armed forces, a command is a group of officers who are responsible for organizing and controlling part of an army, navy, or air force.

He had authorisation from the military command to retaliate...

The army's supreme command has said the army will withdraw, provided the other side does so also.

6) N-COUNT-COLL: oft in names after n In the armed forces, a command is a group of soldiers that a particular officer is in charge of.

There would continue to be a joint command of US and Saudi forces operating within Saudi borders.

...the Strategic Air Command.

7) N-COUNT In computing, a command is an instruction that you give to a computer.
8) N-UNCOUNT If someone has command of a situation, they have control of it because they have, or seem to have, power or authority.

Whoever was waiting for them there had command of the situation...

Mr Baker would take command of the campaign...

In times of currency crisis interest rates can raised as a sign that a government is in command.

9) N-UNCOUNT: N of n Your command of something, such as a foreign language, is your knowledge of it and your ability to use this knowledge.

His command of English was excellent.

...a singer with a natural command of melody.

10) VERB: no cont If a place commands a view, especially an impressive one, you can see the view clearly from that place. If a person commands a view of something, they can see it clearly from where they are. [FORMAL]

[V n] The house commanded some splendid views of Delaware Bay.

[V n] ...a point of rock, from which we could command a view of the loch.

11) See also , second-in-command
12) PHRASE If you have a particular skill or particular resources at your command, you have them and can use them fully. [FORMAL]

He came from the Sudan without a word of English at his command...

The country should have the right to defend itself with all legal means at its command.

13) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If you are in command or in command of yourself, you are relaxed and able to react and behave in the way that you want to.

Nixon looked comfortable and in command...

The man appeared to be in complete command of himself.

in control

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